YiS Team: Francesco

Sunday, August 25th, 2019


Two islands gather together aboard a sport WINNING project: a deep friendship made up of athletes now all grown up men that unites in a lasting bond Sicily and Sardinia through whole Italy.

Yachting in Sardinia, shipowner of Prima Vista, the drivers of the Canottieri Ruggero Lauria Club from Palermo, and the DREAM TEAM CCRL/YiS at its first Palermo Montecarlo 2019 winning.
After the far starting on last Tuesday 21st from Palermo, and after the entrance gate yesterday in Porto Cervo at 14:30, our little girl, well sailed by the DREAM TEAM, crossed the finish line in Montecarlo today, at 19:33, after 3 days and 7 hours.

Thank you GUYS you’ve been amazing:
Alessandro Faraglia/Sandro Montefusco/Matteo Ivaldi/Andrea Caracci/Gaetano Granara/Mario Noto/Paolo Bucciarelli/Maurizio Loberto/Sandi Suc/Giuseppe Leonardi/Nanni Sanfilippo

Thanks to the architect:
Umberto Felci

Thanks to the team manager:
Maurizio Floridia

Thanks to our Sails manager:
Sandro Montefusco

Thanks to our Project Manager:
Ceo Yachting in Sardinia Ing. Francesco della Torre

Thanks to our Shore Team:
Yachting in Sardinia Team

Last but not least thanks to two opponents that put up quite a fight all the way:
Grand Soleil 58 “LEAPS &-BOUNDS”
Solaris 47 “ANOUK”

See you in Malta!

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