Autunno in Barbagia

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Monday, September 9th, 2019

Autunno in Barbagia

From 7 September to 16 December, for 15 weekends, 32 Nuorese centers will enliven the 2019 edition of Sardinia’s tourist excellence, rediscovery of authentic and traditional knowledge and flavors


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Nestled between mountains and the lake of Gusana, Gavoi is village of artisanal tradition. Writers and artists perform on the balconies of its stone houses during the Island of Stories festival. Meana Sardo, a village with arched front doors and Spanish-style window frames, is full of legends on the janas. At Onanì there is an architectural oddity: next to the Santu Pretu nuraghe, the church of San Pietro was built in the 11th century. From mid-October, it is the turn of the natural wonders of Orgosolo: the su Suercone chasm and the canyon Gorropu. Murales decorate its houses, creating an open-air museum. An aura of mystery and surreal silence hover over Lollove, which has inspired many great writers. At Sorgono, you will discover the extraordinary line of menhirs of Biru e’ Concas. The immense natural heritage of Belvì unfolds between chalky tacchi and Gennargentu. The Trenino Verde – the Green Train – runs through here, stopping at the ancient station of the village of is caschettes, delicious cakes for brides. October ends with the fairy-tale landscapes of Aritzo, with woods of chestnuts and carapigna (a delicious sorbet), and with Ottana, the village of Boes and Merdules, another place that is famous for its artisanal traditions.

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