YiS Shore Team is getting ready for the “2019 Regata dei Legionari”

YiS Team: Roberta Ricci

Monday, October 14th, 2019

YiS Shore Team is getting ready for the  “2019 Regata dei Legionari”

This regatta is already known by many as the “Sardinian Barcolana”.
During the last weekend of October, the amazing  Sailing Area between Porto Rotondo/Portisco/Cala di Volpe and Soffi island will be taken over by sailing yachts again this year.

Yachting in Sardinia shore Team could not miss at the start: after  taking care of the outstanding preparation of Prima Vista for the professional sailors dream team who won the prestigious Palermo -Montecarlo race, now they can prepare an amazing Dufour 56 Exclusive to deal with the “regata dei legionari” as a PROTAGONIST.
We still don’t know how many sailors will be part of the YiS crew, but according to the pretty large order of alcohol the number seems to be “significant”. The entry is still open so you better hurry up…

Who should they bet on… is still confidential.

We hereby invite all our loyal customers to take a week end off and to come and meet us to join this beautiful sailing event: an unmatched PARTY masterfully organized by the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club.

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