Destinations: Mugoni

YiS Team: Antonina Patrusheva

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Destinations: Mugoni

An oasis of peace blessed with soft pale sand and crystal clear water that is almost entirely enclosed and hidden in the Porto Conte Bay at the north-western part of Sardinia.

A two kilometre stretch of sand graced with hues of ochre and orange framed by a stand of pine and eucalyptus trees that offer refreshing shade faces a very calm emerald blue sea where the wind only rarely blows. It’s a scene wherein the beach, nature and the sea blend seamlessly together to create a tropical paradise of uncommon beauty. Mugoni is one of the main attractions of the Coral Riviera just sixteen kilometres outside of Alghero. The beach is one of many coves along Porto Conte bay, inside the confines of the regional park of the same name. The marina area of Capo Caccia is also within the park. It’s a very popular area with plenty of bathing establishments, boat rentals, dive centres, snack bars, restaurants, plenty of parking (also for campers) and a camp grounds. Not only, but it is accessible to the handicapped and perfect for families with children, for wind and wave surfers.

To really enjoy your visit to the bay – which the Romans called nymphaeus portus – you can walk along hundreds of foot paths and let yourself be enveloped by the aromas of nature and beauty of history. Along the beach are isolated coves, including Mugoni’s second most popular beach, La Stalla, as well as archaeological treasures. The Alghero coast is some 90 kilometres long and offers an infinite variety of land and seascapes: beaches of soft golden sand, dunes shaped by the wind, delightful coves nestled between cliffs, some of which you can only reach by sea. Here are some of the beaches not to be missed: Le Bombarde, the most famous one, followed by Lazzaretto with pale sand and ten delightful coves set quietly off the side, then there are the three kilometres of the town’s main Lido beach, and, not far away, Maria Pia beach, with sandy dunes covered in ancient juniper bushes. Not to be missed are Punta Negra, Cala Dragunara, where you’ll find the boats for excursions to the Grotta di Nettuno, the beaches of Capo Caccia – Porticciolo, Punta Giglio, Tramariglio and Pischina Salida. And last but not least, the inlets along the road to BosaCala Bona and the Speranza and Burantì beaches.

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