Rolex MiddleSeaRace COSTAL: The Winner is… Group Y -PRIMA VISTA!

YiS Team: Annalisa Bucci

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Rolex MiddleSeaRace COSTAL: The Winner is… Group Y -PRIMA VISTA!

Meanwhile the Rolex Middle Sea Race takes place on Saturday 19 October, the yachts have warmed up their sails during the traditional Rolex Middle Sea Coastal Race. Held on Wednesday 16 October, 35 Yachts took part at the 30 nm course from Marsamxett Harbour, around the Valletta Harbour Fairway Buoy, north west up to the island of Comino and the same course back to the finish.

The overall winner of the Rolex Middle Sea Coastal Race was the ICE52 PrimaVista-Lauria (IRC 3, ITA) skippered by Gabriele Bruni. Second was the First 45 Elusive 2 (IRC 4, MLT) co-skippered by Christoph & Aaron Podesta. Third overall was the Pronavia 38 Seawolf (IRC 6, GBR), skippered by David Latham.

“We got a bit lucky to be honest,” smiled Stefano Pelizza, navigator for PrimaVista-Lauria. “Whilst most of the fleet went inshore after the start we went offshore and got a really good 45-degree wind shift, lifting us to Comino. After that it was a VMG reach back to Marsamxett Harbour.” (…)For the Rolex Middle Sea Race, the weather scenario is looking like a light start with some heavier upwind conditions towards the end. First of all, we will try to finish the race, after that we hope we do well in our class and overall.”


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