🎅⛵⛵The family grows up!⛵⛵ 🎁

YiS Team: Giorgio Morfino

Thursday, December 19th, 2019

🎅⛵⛵The family grows up!⛵⛵ 🎁

Santa is bringing 4 brand new yachts to YiS and they will soon join the fleet.

Besides the well-tested Duf 430, 3 new models are coming: the newest Bali Catspace, that will be unvelied at Duesseldorf boat show in January, the Astréa 42 and the brand new Dufour 530, the only one in the Med, with a never seen layout.

Have a look at our fleet to get a preview!


Charter base (Portisco)
Yachting in Sardinia.
Marina di Portisco, Molo 4/7
07026 Olbia, Italy
Phone: +39 3451251363

Yachting in Sardinia.
Cantieri di Olbia. Via Indonesia, 6.
07026 Olbia, Italy
Phone: +39 3512843023

Yachting in Sardinia.
Via Georgia, 41 - Geocity - Torre 3 Uff.26
07026 Olbia, Italy
Telephone: +39 0789 33 90 16
Phone: +39 3939275124

Sede legale
Yachting in Sardinia S.r.l.
Via Alessandro III, 101.
09100 Cagliari, Italy
Vat. N°: IT 02612930921

Charter base (Porto Torres)
Yachting in Sardinia
Pontile Motomarsarda
Porto Turistico
07046 Porto Torres, Italy
Phone: +39 3293740365