Yacht & Hotel: your shelter for the heart ⛵️ 💖

YiS Team: Giulia Marogna

Thursday, October 1st, 2020

Yacht & Hotel: your shelter for the heart ⛵️ 💖

Sardinia is a treasure chest waiting to be opened. Small coves and beaches are set among granitic rocks, thus offering wonderful berths like Cala Portese, Cala Brigantino, Porto Garibaldi and Cala Coticcio, an open-south inlet, known as Tahiti for its beauty, therefore a destination for yachts.
We would love to host you here, in the most beautiful country in the world, on our exclusive yachts, outside the city and away from chaos.
Weigh the anchor to your dreams and plan with Yachting in Sardinia your next sailing holiday.
Rent a YACHT, it will be your shelter for the heart.


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Charter base (Porto Rotondo)
Yachting in Sardinia.
Punta Nuraghe, Portorotondo
07026 Olbia, Italy
Phone: +39 3451251363

Charter base (Portisco)
Yachting in Sardinia.
Marina di Portisco, Molo 4/7
07026 Olbia, Italy
Phone: +39 3451251363

Yachting in Sardinia.
Cantieri di Olbia. Via Indonesia, 6.
07026 Olbia, Italy
Phone: +39 3512843023

Yachting in Sardinia
Via Georgia, 41 - Geocity - Torre 3 Uff.26
07026 Olbia, Italy
Phone: tel+39 0789 33 90 16

Sede legale
Yachting in Sardinia S.r.l.
Via Alessandro III, 101.
09100 Cagliari, Italy
Vat. N°: IT 02612930921

Charter base (Porto Torres)
Yachting in Sardinia
Pontile Motomarsarda
Porto Turistico
07046 Porto Torres, Italy
Phone: +39 3293740365