1st Gala DANCE in the WIND

YiS Team: Roberta Cassitta

Saturday, July 31st, 2021

1st Gala DANCE in the WIND

The Culture of the Sea and the Culture of Dance come together to give life to the:

“1st Gala DANCE in the WIND”.

In the wonderful scenery of Santa Teresa di Gallura there has always been a sea air, and on 25 July a unique DANCE show was staged. The best dancers of national and international theatres, from the Scala in Milan to the Opera in Rome up to the Opéra National de Bordeaux, directed by Rossella Cardo, founder of the Art Ballet – forge of young dancers – excite an entire square.

An enchanting show, wanted by the municipal administration, open to the public; Rossella Cardo’s vision is to spread the Culture of Dance by moving; the full support of Group Y and, in particular, of Monica Ricci, its founder, could not be missing.

The success was total, for about 2 hours the whole town was ENCHANTED, and long periods of silence alternated with thunderous applause.

The Art Ballet, the Municipality of Santa Teresa and Group Y main sponsor are already working to make the event a recurring event not to be missed in the SARDINIAN summer.

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