Sea view hotel with zero impact: the new eco-sustainable nautical tourism

YiS Team: Annalisa Bucci

Friday, June 24th, 2022

Sea view hotel with zero impact: the new eco-sustainable nautical tourism

How to enjoy the splendid sea of Sardinia. With Yachting in Sardinia by Group Y there are the “refuges of the heart”, that are exclusive boats, equipped with all comforts. CEO Della Torre: the tourism of the future will increasingly have to meet the basic needs of the individual, as well as being able to promote a new awareness in the green new deal”.

Out of the city and away from the chaos. It is the vacation that everyone, at least once, has dreamed of or dreams of doing. A summer to be framed, to get away from the hectic pace of everyday life, from stress. Often, however, dreams come true. Enjoying the splendid sea of Sardinia, far from everything and everyone, for example, is no longer an unattainable chimera. With Yachting in Sardinia by Group Y there are “refuges of the heart”, that is exclusive boats, equipped with all possible and imaginable comforts, in total privacy, ready to satisfy the desire to live in close contact with the sea and the nature.

“The tourism of the future will increasingly have to satisfy the primordial needs of the individual, as well as being able to promote a new awareness in the “green new deal” through increasingly less contemplative and increasingly experiential holidays, lived in close contact with nature and away from overcrowding in a slow path of self-discovery “. The engineer Francesco Della Torre, CEO Group Y, loves to repeat it.

 “Yachting in Sardinia – says Della Torre – has always had as own mission the development of sustainable nautical tourism. We have identified the nautical tourism of the future in the “sea glamping”. Travelers are looking for journeys that can free the mind from habits, and rediscover a primordial life where time is marked by nature without external conditioning. Sea glamping represents in the nautical field a response to the request for “self-discovering”.

“Committed to sailing on a very modern boat, you can rediscover the right route to follow step by step”, explains Group Y Ceo.

“Slow tourism is a particular form of travel which, as a basic rule, is to let us take our personal time. It began to be mentioned in times when we never thought we would find ourselves as isolated as we have been in the past two years. But as they say, “nothing happens by chance” and perhaps this desire for exploration could really bring new users closer to “sea glamping”. Tourism will change and with it the modalities, interests and expectations. This will allow us to give ourselves a different journey, based on the search for a purpose and which has as its primary objective the exploration of the territory, human relationships and even a little of ourselves. All based on a real knowledge of the environment and learned in an intelligent and sustainable way, living the travel experience in an extremely profound way and enjoying, step by step, the slowness of movement. We will create intimate connections with the environment around us and we will treasure them day after day”.

“Today slow tourism can be lived – concludes Della Torre – in a Nautical Tourism experience on a very modern sailing boat, immersed in nature and cradled by the sea, between golden sunsets and breathtaking views”.  

Group Y, we remind you, is a reality that has been operating for over 20 years in the nautical tourism sector at 360 degrees. Its headquarters is located in Olbia and currently coordinates the various sectors, among which the activity of Albergo Nautico with its 5 Nautical Bases located between Sardinia and Campania stand out; the activity of concessionaire of sailing and motor boats with the 2 showrooms in Sardinia; the shipbuilding / refittings activity with the Olbia Shipyard structure and an upcoming opening in a second structure.

The group also includes an innovative SME which, thanks to the continuous research process, is developing various innovative solutions for future application in the nautical industry sector: among these stands the EcoHYbrid Floating Apartment (EHYFA), a catamaran that combines comfort of an apartment with wind / solar energy.

The Innovative SME will create a product as comfortable as an apartment, as easy to use as a dinghy, as sustainable as a sailboat and which saves the territory from overbuilding.

Unique because, for the first time, it is designed by those who use it for tourism purposes.

The main and distinctive component of EHYFA will be its in-depth knowledge of the sector that will allow the product to be adapted to changing needs. The new vessel will integrate advanced technologies with an innovative type of floating apartment, easy and safe to use, thus extending the potential market to all lovers of the sea, not just experienced sailors.

The improvement element is precisely connected with the development of a specific product for a specific use, unlike the generalist products that the market offers at the moment. In fact, currently all the models on the market are multi-purpose and do not meet the needs of businesses or tourists. Businesses must, in fact, invest to adapt existing models and tourists must “adapt” to compromise solutions; with EHYFA, on the other hand, it is possible to purchase a specific turnkey product.

Group Y’s mission perfectly respects EHYFA’s vision through the development of sustainable nautical tourism and with it the dissemination of the Culture of the Sea.

For this reason EHYFA will be part of the BlueFEEL project, coordinated by a multidisciplinary team, experts in blue tourism and green technologies, which will support Yachting In Sardinia, project leader, in partnership with Ambiente spa, in the prototyping of the vehicle and in the launch of the innovative service for high value.

The EcoHYbrid Floating Apartment (EHYFA) today represents a great challenge aimed at developing the nautical tourism of the future as a form of innovative, eco-sustainable and experiential tourism as an alternative to traditional tourism linked to the consumption of the territory and the overbuilding of the coasts.

In a very short time and without impacting the environment, new beds can be created for tourists who are sensitive to environmental issues.

Group Y and its partners are ready for the challenge that will have to revolutionize the boating market starting from a complete redefinition of the product with the main focus on safeguarding the environment for future generations.

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