Stones and water, ancient sources of well-being

YiS Team: Carolina Morelli

Wednesday, April 5th, 2023

Stones and water, ancient sources of well-being

The Nuragic stones of Sardinia, dolmen, menhir, domus de Janas and tombs of the giants, are enshrouded by a powerful magnetic force that seems to influence body and mind and generate the well-being of both. The tomb of the giants at Li Mizzani, in Palau, attracts numerous visitors, who arrive here to treat their minor ailments and to charge themselves with positive energy. The site of s’Ena ‘e Thomes in Dorgali, along with other Nuragic sites spread across the Island, are also energy sources, places rich in with flowing magnetic energy transmitted from the crevices in the granite.

Another sacred element par excellence is associated with the stones: water. The wells were places of worship for regenerating yourself and recovering spiritual well-being through water and contemplation of the cosmos. Constructed where strong magnetic energy was perceived, the movements of the sun and of the moon that marked the seasons, equinoxes and the solstices were aligned. Like at the well of the Sanctuary of Santa Cristina in Paulilatino, where the moon hits the hole in the tholos every 18 and a half years, in the prelude to the winter solstice. During particular astronomical conjunctions, descending the steps to reach the water was considered a spiritual journey of initiation and purification. A journey that is repeated identically today.

The bond with the stone and its uninterrupted use comes from the Nuragic world: this is evident in the rural landscape, the mountain sheepfolds, the typical houses of the inland villages. Today, the stones are still sources used for wellness treatments and energizing experiences in various centres, where the water brought by the sea makes the ideal destinations for thalassotherapy. Hippocrates, Plato, Aristotle and Cicero had documented it: bathing in seawater is beneficial to the health of body and mind. For this reason, thalassotherapy was a very widespread practice in the ancient world, especially along the coasts of Sardinia, as the numerous Roman archaeological sites, private villas and public thermal baths tell us.

The forerunners of the modern wellness enthusiasts stayed for long periods on the Sardinian coasts to enjoy the mild climate, the healthy air and to take advantage of the properties of the uncontaminated sea, rich in trace elements and minerals. Once you are immersed in the seawater, you will instinctively perceive the ancestral bond between the sea and the origin of life and the magnetic force of water and stone. This is how they naturally recovered the harmony between body and mind. These are sensations of well-being that inhabitants and visitors to Sardinia can still enjoy in comfort today.

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