Students of Naval Design for the Nautical Hotel!

YiS Team: Alessandra Vigliotta

Friday, May 5th, 2023

Students of Naval Design for the Nautical Hotel!

Following the 1st Nautical Conference of the Mediterranean, our CEO, Francesco della Torre, together with prof. Andrea Ratti, researcher and professor of design for the nautical and architectural technology at the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano, have brought Nautical Hotel to the attention of the groups of Nautical Design and Industrial Design of the University of la Spezia, the University of Genoa and the Polytechnic of Milan.
After studying a whole semester, in the day of Friday 28 April 2023, was held the digital presentation of the 10 boat projects for the Nautical Hotel designed by the groups who studied the territory of the region of Sardinia and Nautical diffused hotel as a tourist accommodation, its pros and cons, and possible solutions.
The Nautical Hotel is a company structure on land with all the typical services of a common accommodation: promotion of the territory, customer reception, 24/7 assistance, sale of territorial tourist services. The target audience for the project is digital nomads, better to say Millennial and generation X, people who tend to look for a new holiday idea, dedicated to nature and sport but also to the possibility of smart-working.
10 projects with 10 different identities that express character, passion and look to the future with a new prospective. The key words are: nature, freedom, eco-sustainability and sea glamping.
The names of the projects: Phoenix; Nuraxi; Tanit; Artemisia; AND; Boatstel; Seada; Zephyrus; Arthèmoda and Archimissa.
Each of them presents extraordinary and original ideas for this particular type of tourism; from the implementation of electric propulsion, to wider spaces to have more natural lighting, from traditional Sardinian embroidery to branded sailing, etc.

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