Group Y: innovative and sustainable nautical tourism

YiS Team: Alessandra Vigliotta

Sunday, June 18th, 2023

Group Y: innovative and sustainable nautical tourism

The company of the family Della Torre-Ricci works between Sardinia and Campania



PROPERTY  of the family Della Torre – Ricci

Group Y is a reality that belongs in diffeent areas between the activity of Nautical Tourism, with its 5 nautical bases located between Sardinia and  Campania, and the activity of  yacht dealership (sailing and motor) with its 2 showrooms in Sardinia, ending with the shipyard activity/refitting with the Valdettaro shipyard structure. Part of the group is also an innovative DME that is studying different solutions of future application in Nautical industry. The mission and the vision of Group Y are the growth of sustainable nautical tourism and the development of the sea culture. The activity of Nautical Tourism has become the first Nautical Hotel in Italy with ISO 9001 certification, a new kind of receptive structure. In Nautical Hotel the main office stays on land, it has no crew and takes care of every typical service of a receptive structure, but can navigate only in the coastal stretch near the base. “In 2018 – states one of the founder members of Group Y , Monica Ricci – our Yachting in Sardinia, after 20 years activity in  the charter business, has decided to make a change and, starting by choosing a certification company like CSQA, has completely changed the processes. Today Yachting in Sardinia is the first reality in the world of Certified Nautical Hotel. A constant focus on the innovation, as sustained by the choice, first in the world, to restrict the navigation area to only daily hours and within three miles of the coast, to promote a new knowledge of living the sea. Thanks to the developed research and the SeaTutor system – keeps saying Monica Ricci – today our boats are equipped with an active control in real time, through which the skipper is notified for every infraction, saving this way the safety first of all of the guests and then, of the yacht”. 

The CEO of Group Y, the engineer Francesco della Torre, talked of Nautical Hotel also at the 1st Nautical Conference of the Mediterranean, held in Olbia the last October, together with the professor Andrea Ratti, teacher of nautical design at the Polytechnic of Milan. They have brought the Nautical Hotel to the attention of the students of Nautical design and industrial drawing at the University of La Spezia, Milan, and Genoa.
Recently they have presented 10 yacht projects designed for the Nautical Hotel by them who have studied the territory of Sardinia and the Nautical Hotel. The keywords of the projects are nature, freedom, eco-sustainability and sea-glamping. Group Y decided to also adhere to “Interreg Green and Blue Route”, founded by the Programme Interreg Italy-France Maritime, to support sustainable tourism in Marine Protected Areas (the areas of Sardinia, of Corsica, of Tuscany, of Liguria and to the south of France). Group Y – Yachting in Sardinia has launched some collaborations also with the Institute of Engineering of the Sea of CNR for monitoring the quality of the waters and is evaluating to make available its know-how to make the tourist aware of environmental issues. Group Y also embraced the Blue-project FEEL for a new idea of yacht, a new kind of holiday: the blue week. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies EHYFA (EcoHybrid Floating Apartement), the start-up of Group Y, the innovative new boat designed by Yachting in Sardinia is intended to revolutionize the model of the yacht hotel. “Our customers – explains the CEO Della Torre – will finally enjoy a holiday by boat with their families in complete safety. We have patented a new protective film, the SeaProtector, which avoids the use of classic antifouling, highly polluting. Always with SeaProtector – he concludes – we are partner of the Fountaine Group Pajot in an innovative project aimed at creating, by 2030, cruise boats and low emission scenarios of carbon and ideally zero-emission”.

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