Boot Duesseldorf 2020

January 15th, 2020 by

Numerous exciting new features and changes are being introduced at the coming boot Düsseldorf in January 2020. What is already obvious and has almost been completed is the construction of the bright, new and spacious Hall 1 right next to the Messe Düsseldorf tower.
The new layout for the various exhibition areas at boot 2020 has only been apparent on the hall plan so far. The biggest water sports trade fair in the world will be taking place with a new layout, providing visitors with an attractive routing system and direct access to their specific areas of interest.



🎅⛵⛵The family grows up!⛵⛵ 🎁

December 19th, 2019 by

Santa is bringing 4 brand new yachts to YiS and they will soon join the fleet.

Besides the well-tested Duf 430, 3 new models are coming: the newest Bali Catspace, that will be unvelied at Duesseldorf boat show in January, the Astréa 42 and the brand new Dufour 530, the only one in the Med, with a never seen layout.

Have a look at our fleet to get a preview!

Special Dufour 460 Campaign

December 5th, 2019 by

In the wake of the success obtained in November, Special Dufour 460 campaign continues until December 15th!

Don’t miss the chance to give a great Christmas present to yourself, your family and friends!

15% discount  will be applied on all Dufours 460 of our fleet: choose between the 4 cabins yachts Rubia, Sennora & At Last or go big with the new 5 cabins versions Newt & Abraxan.

Sardinia has never been so at hand!

Nautic Paris Boat Show 2019

December 3rd, 2019 by

As every year, Nautic Paris Boat Show opens its doors from the 7th to the 15th December 2019 to all sea lovers, fleet operators and fishermen, adults and children.

All top shipyards will be attending, Dufour, Jeanneau and Beneteau at the forefront, with innovative lines and shapes for the 2020 season. Sailing boats, motor boats, solar boats, water sports, equipment, services, rental, tourism, new prospective technologies, can all be found to be represented at the show.

This is one of the main international events Europewide, where 785 exhibitors representing 25 countries and 1,300 brands, will welcome more than 200,000 visitors in more than 90,000 sqm of space.

It won’t be just the occasion to talk about yachts, as the programming is very rich and includes the annual Nautic SUP Paris crossing along the river Seine, lectures, exhibitions, and award ceremonies like the “Nautic Motor Boat Design Award” and the “Nautic Maritime Book Award”.


November 14th, 2019 by

We are happy to announce our collaboration with the ”Swiss Maritime Academy”, which is launching the new course SMA Milebuilder PLUS  in Sardinia. The course combines skipper training and mileage. Under the guidance of an experienced RYA instructor of the SMA, a 2-days skipper course will be conducted and afterwards for 3-4 days of mileage between 300 and 400 nautical miles (depending on the weather and the cruising area)

What are you waiting for?

Hurry up, this is a LIMITED number course:
the first 20 participants who complete the enrolment with a deposit of € 850 will be admitted. Board and lodging on board are included.
If you pass the final exam we will give you the deposit back

and we guarantee you two weeks of skippering with us for the 2020 season!


  • Safety

  • Anchor and harbor manoeuvres

  • Sailing efficiently

  • Preparing for a passage

  • Planning a passage

  • Skippering a yacht during a passage

  • Watch planning

  • Crew management

  • Navigate without GPS

All participants will cover all positions


  • Nautical resume

  • English language, minimun level B1

  • Good social intepersonal skills

  • Motor/sailing license


21-27 March 2020

28 March – 03 April 2020

Direct flights to Olbia from Rome and Milan, we are only 20 minutes far from the airport!

Apply to:

Research & Innovation

November 12th, 2019 by

How to revolutionize a Dufour 460

Commissioned by Felci Yacht Studio, we are developing a new Hard Top prototype which will be able to make the cockpit of Dufour 460 more livable.

ICE Vienna 2019

November 8th, 2019 by

From 7th to 10th November Vienna will open new horizons for fleet operators of the world.

Vienna ICE is a unique expo in the world which brings together all major charter companies, agencies, shipyards and many other suppliers of the yacht charter industry from different worldwide countries.

ICE differs for its possibility of holding over four thousand B2B meetings in one weekend, encouraging personal communication in relation to the ever-increasing rate of electronic communication today.

ICE accentuates the power of personal meetings. As the only place where stakeholders meet and negotiate in person, it gained loyalty and became an inevitable event for the yacht charter community.

Legionari 2019, YiS Team will join this edition again

October 26th, 2019 by

Straight after an intense charter season, YiS Team is getting ready for the 2019 Regata dei Legionari: again this year, several Sardinian crews will compete in the Gulf of Cugnana.


The newest Dufour 56 EXCLUSIVE Friska was the chosen yacht:  an amazing boat which represents the top range of our fleet in terms of comfort as well as performance.


Our Team, although very young, has the right attitude to get ready&join the regatta: they are proving that you can achieve any great goal when you are willing to grow up and work hard.


A special thank you to the company’s management, Francesco and Monica, as yacht’s owner, who make available the yachts to their Team each year; thanks to our base manager Valerio, always there to support this type of activity; thanks to our experienced sailor Giorgio, who has recently joined the Team but with a great desire to convey his passion for sailing, and last but not least, a special thank you to all  YiS Team and to all our friends who will make this party possible with their commitment and participation.


YIS Team will wait for you for this great Sailing party on Sunday, October 27th at Marina di Porto Rotondo: fun is guaranteed!


40th Rolex Middle Sea Race, The Regatta!

October 24th, 2019 by


By: Stefano Pelizza

113 boats at the start, coming from all over Europe and beyond. 606 miles to sail in the most suggestive area of ​​the Mediterranean. Malta, the Strait of Messina, the Aeolian Islands, the Egadi Islands, Pantelleria, Lampedusa and back again to Malta to the finish line. As a regatta it is probably second only to the Fastnet, which I had the chance to join aboard the Cookson 50 Endlessgame; it may be second if you consider  participation and history, but certainly not as far as spectacularity and difficulty are concerned.


During the 40th edition, I went aboard the ICE 52 Prima Vista, owned by Yachting in Sardinia Shipping. Gabriele Bruni was supposed to be the skipper, but he had to change his plans at the last moment and Pietro D’Alì took the lead.

I checked the weather forecast along the four days before the departure, and it was quite unusual: a SE wind flow on the southern Mediterranean due to a low pressure centered on the Balearics and slowly proceeding eastward. The whole race was then dominated by the Scirocco wind, which was very light at first up to Messina, then got very unstable up to the Egadi, and finally rough up to almost stormy upwind for the last 240 miles. Light tailwinds didn’t favour us: Primavista is a splendid cruising regatta boat, but only the most  lightweight boats are favoured with little wind in their sails.

The regatta start from Valletta bay is an unforgettable experience: the cannon shot echoes between the city walls, the boats, almost motionless, cut the starting line and begin to cross wearily in order to leave the bay. The wind, three or four knots at most, was coming from the entrance of the bay and forced us to sail upwind. We hardly managed to sail between the two Rolex buoys and then headed to Capo Passero. The extremely light wind didn’t help us, we had to take a decision: according to the forecast, there was a windless water area between Capo Passero and Malta… the question was whether to cross it or to go around it. I awaited for the latest weather update, then we decided not to go around it as it was too dangerous, even though according to the route course it would have meant having an edge: we preferred to get close to Sicily  without delay and to look for land breeze. It eventually came at 2 am and gave us a nice big push to the North. We moved away from the coast in the morning, then the east breeze reinforced by the Fohen winds from Etna which pushed us towards the strait and made us hoist the jib top for a couple of hours. Once we passed the Etna, we hoisted the gennaker and began to tack by gybing. Black Pearl got back in the game from east – a very fast Carkeek 47 that tried to bypass the windless waters in light breezes and passed us a couple of miles ahead. Having Black Pearl so close clearly proved that our strategy didn’t work out. Meanwhile the wind came up slightly and we got close to the Swan 42 Be wild, the fastest yacht during the first part of the race with little winds, and managed to pass it in the Strait. Messina turned out to be complicated as usual: we sailed foul tide, we were forced to tack very close to the rocks in order to reduce the water current as much as possible. We approached Stromboli in the evening, we gybed several times and stayed on the right side in relation to the NE wind shift. We passed Stromboli In the dark with a crescent moon, enchanted by the red blows of the Volcano. We pictured for a moment the ancient Greeks, who, with no tools and no knowledge used to admire such a spectacle while celebrating  the Volcano god. Once we passed Stromboli, the regatta regained the upper hand and we had to face the most demanding stretch, up to the Egadi Islands:  we couldn’t guess the position of our opponents since we had no satellite on board. By then all the tactical decisions were open. Unfortunately not everybody had the AIS turned on, or maybe it was malfunctioning, although this is an obligation by the sailing instructions. Nonetheless, we saw that part of the faster boats ahead had decided to head up north, in order to avoid the little wind blowing on the main route. We decided to cross the windless water area and to keep sailing to get the best approach. The light winds did not help us, we didn’t know where the others were and we were worried. We knew very well that on that side we could win or lose the regatta. We knew that from the Egadi Islands onwards tactical options would decrease.

While approaching San Vito lo Capo, we draw conclusions: that was when the winning choice had actually to pay back. AIS started displaying all the boats: we saw the Kuka 3, then the other Cookson 50 Riff Raff and Black Pearl, all of them passing us at great speed towards San Vito. The choice made so far was excellent. In San Vito, an expected drop in wind strength slowed us down a little, the most agile boats were sailing faster, but we were patient and managed to get out of it in the late evening, so we sailed upwind. Weather forecast was confirmed even if the wind speed was lower than what was initially expected, hence we tacked up to Pantelleria, Lampedusa and up to Malta. After entering Pantelleria bay, we put the jib # 3, and kept it hoisted just before Malta. The wind went up to 25 knots, but since we knew the forecast, we did not change the sail with the # 4, we knew that the wind was going to go drop down soon.

Life onboard was hard: some of us were sick, only few ate, but this is quite common when you sail upwind. Unfortunately the regatta did not give us the wonderful glides of last year. We arrived in Malta on the morning of October 23rd. Wind was dropping so we put back the jib # 2, and we tacked the last few miles along the coast together with a Volvo 70 that must have gone late in calm sea and passed us just a few miles before the finish line . Mylius Daguet2 was behind us like a shadow throughout the whole race: we managed to fend off attacks. We ended up first in our class, and sixth in the overall ranking. Only smaller boats were ahead of us, this time we left the racers behind.


The shipyard that never sleeps…

October 18th, 2019 by

The season is over and we start now to take care of our yachts.

The first 3 little ones have already reached the shipyard and our  YiS Team is treating the wounds after the season 🙂


We take good care of our yachts all year around!